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First aidWith so many brave men and women across seas and in other countries fighting for the freedom that we enjoy, it only stands to reason that a program like the yellow ribbon program would pop up. There are plenty of ways that this program benefits both the men and women that are across seas and that have come home from war and their families. It is important that in order to understand the program we first understand a bit of background about the yellow ribbon itself.

What Does the Yellow Ribbon Mean?

As the old song goes, “tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree, ” a yellow ribbon shows support for the troops and shows that the family of the home with the yellow ribbon is waiting for someone to come home. Yellow is the official color of the armor branch of the Army so the color yellow is a natural for the ribbon. This ribbon signifies that the people in the home or the wearer are waiting for someone to come home from war or are directly related to someone that has been in war or is currently serving. Yellow is also traditionally the color of friendship and forgiveness making it a natural color for this ribbon.

Families in Wartime

In many cases, those that are left behind in war have as much trouble as those that are fighting. They may not be getting shot at or may not be crushing opposing forces, but they are dealing with plenty on their own. These individuals are often dealing with a loved one being gone, with only one income, and with the struggles of taking care of a family and working with only one parent. That being said, the yellow ribbon program works to help those that are left behind in war as well as those that are overseas. Families are often the ones that are most affected by someone going to war and children are often left to wonder why their mother or father is gone. This program helps in many ways.

What is the Yellow Ribbon Program?

The yellow ribbon program is a program that was put into place to help achieve a few different things. First off, it was put into place as a response to all those people that are coming back from war and that have no job, no home, and no hope. These people are those that are affected negatively by the war and by their own war efforts. It is necessary that many of these people need help when they come back from war. Many veterans have post traumatic stress disorder, they have no jobs, they have no real way of making a living which means that those affected are often left in dire straights.

The yellow ribbon program was put into place to help these veterans and their families in a number of different ways. The yellow ribbon program is in place to help veterans and their families in a number of ways and as such it is broken up into a few different subcategories that all fall under the yellow ribbon program umbrella.

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