Second chance day Yellow Ribbon Project

Yellow Ribbon ProjectIf you are a Singaporean, most likely you would have heard of the Yellow Ribbon Project before.

A few ribbon project in Singapore:
Yellow ribbon - Give ex-offender a second chance
Pink ribbon - Something related to AIDS
Green ribbon - Anti-drug

If you are not a Singaporean, your idea of "Yellow Ribbon" might be different. You might be refering to this: . The international suicide prevention programme.

Anyway, I'm focusing on the "yellow ribbon" in Singapore, not anything related to do with the suicide. However, if you feel like committing suicide, that website might come in handy.

To the main topic, would Singapore accept ex-offender to work on the society? Even if they accept, would they treat them differently?

This morning, I was at McDonalds eating breakfast and I saw a long advertisment about Yellow Ribbon Project. Last week, I was on the MRT travelling and I saw a pictorial banner in train advertising the Yellow Ribbon Project.

I seriously think we should give them a second chance. We usually condemn people when they make mistake be it the situation. We have the mindset that "you did something wrong means you are bad". Can we give them a second chance? People do commit mistake in a moment of folly. You don't expect everyone to be perfect right?

Come on, let's give them a second chance. If they are willing to change for the better. People says "leopard doesn't change its spot". I don't know. The only thing I know is that people do change. However, there are people who doesn't appreciate the effort. The society give them a second chance to prove themself yet they decide to walk the dirty path again. Maybe they have their reasons?

If they deserve it, give it to them. If they don't deserve it, don't give it to them. Wait till the day when they realise their folly, they will seek forgiveness, then we will give them what they need.

Those ribbon are just plain disgusting. I remember in primary school, everyone was compulsory to wear the green ribbon. For the society now, I think they should start educating on the pink ribbon.

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