Yellow Ribbon Project Perth

Becki and BabyBlue Block 3 quarters through…..

Today’s entry comes to you from inside the Blue Block. I’m currently sitting on some soft play beside a shimmery wall, ribbons dangling above me, fluorescent lights glowing in the corner of my eye. It’s such a blissful place to be. Half way through and the feeling of gratitude that this is my job, still hasn’t’ worn off. Lucky me! We’re in Perth this week in the re-commissioned Horsecross studio theatre. We had a great week in Kilmarnock’s Palace theatre last week.Disco Baby Many of the sessions last week were quietly attended with some sessions being for one baby and their adult. Although it is preferable to have as many people in to experience Blue Block as possible, the one on one session were just as valuable and exciting: the single babies and their parents still fully explored with the space with the ‘after party’ looking not dissimilar to than that of a full house. With all the one on one sessions the parent and the baby both fully engaged with each other and really delved into playing together. I also found myself playing more, exploring and re-examining the objects in the space. Much to my own and the delight of the wee ones, we found that with so few people in the space, we could really throw and bounce the flashing rubber balls around everywhere. When the lights went down for the fan dance party, this really made for quite the disco vibe.

Mum Kim and Becki music Ball Run OHP

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