Girl Yellow Ribbon scary story

Girl Yellow RibbonBy Hannah

Does anyone remember the story of the girl with the yellow ribbon?

I did find a retelling of the story that is close to what I remember. Tanya might be lacking the yellow ribbon, but has all the creepy elements of the character. Just picture that her head is about to fall off...

I found this dress on my first big thrift store shopping trip for about $7.00. It's homemade, as you can see by all the threads that need trimming under the sleeves, and it was probably a bridesmaid's dress. The gold necklace was featured in a vintage jewelry posting in November.

I know this dress reminds me of some spooky character, but I can't think of who. Any ideas?

The dress is from an October shopping excursion. It's a very heavy polyester material (maker unknown), but in perfect condition. It's actually very comfortable.

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