Yellow bow wrapped around a Tree

Hey friends, guess what?

Yesterday on my lunch break I went to Hob Lob in search of a tree skirt for Charles, my Christmas tree.

Turns out, tree skirts are a complete rip off.

I'm talking $60 for a piece of fabric.

I don't know about you guys but my budget doesn't have $60 to spare for something I will only use for the next month.

-Insert my ballin' on a budget mindset here-

So, I took a detour and headed to the fabric isle, trying my best to remember all of those things I learned while obtaining that degree I don't use in Fashion Design.

All I knew is that I was not interested in sewing so I really had to pull out my creative juices.

Today, I present...

Here's what you need:

3-4 yards of tulle

Straight pins

That's it. Guys, I made this for under .

1. Wrap tulle around the tree stand as if you were prepping to tie a normal bow.

Leave one "tail" longer than the other.

Be sure to surround the tree stand so it's fully masked with pretty tulle.

2. Take 3 straight pins and connect the tulle in the center - like this:

3. Form each side in to a bow shape using straight pins to help keep it's form.

Be sure to pin the side with the longer "tail" last so that it's sticking out.

4. Wrap your long tail around the center to create the final bow appearance and pin in the back as much as necessary.

Note: I used a couple of extra pins to tack back extra fabric that stuck out.

Let the straight pins be your amiga, compadre, BFF.

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