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I made this beautiful little tree last spring. I didn't intend to make this tree, I wanted an apple tree! I saw this cute pattern of an apple on the blog of PlanetJune. I was in love, they were so cute. So I made a bunch of apples, with different kind of yarn. The smallest one, I made with embroidery yarn and it was so cute! So I had this idea of an apple tree in my window full of little red apples.

I went online in search of a tree pattern. I saw loads of beautiful, funny trees. But nothing really what I had in mind. So I took out my crochet needle, brown fingering yarn and started to crochet. I really didn't know what was coming out in the end, I just pictured the tree in my head and just added row after row. Thank god, I typed along with what I was doing, this is something I sometimes forget and regret big time!

When I finished the tree and the first branches, I was thrilled. This was it! So I added some branches and weaved in the ends. But it was a bare tree. How am I going to do the leaves? ? So I started out making leaves. I think I tried out 20 different leaves, but the simplest was just perfect. But how many leaves? Do I want the whole tree covered? So I just added leaf after leaf. But it still didn't look right. It took me a day to figure out what it was. Leaves on a tree are never the same color all over. So I added leaves with a darker shade of green. It looked much better instantly. I added another shade of green. But when I added the fourth shade of green, I knew it was too much.

The tree was done. I made a bunch of red apples. But as I started to put the apples in the tree, it didn't feel right. The tree was not an apple tree. I made a tiny spring bird with embroidery yarn and there was still something missing. The tree stood on my desk waiting for me to finish it. And all of a sudden it hit me... It was a perfect tree for a yellow ribbon! I made a pretty Treble Bow from BobWilson123 and it was finished!

I love my little tree. It's so pretty and happy.

I did a google search for Yellow Ribbon tree. I knew it was something you did if you are waiting for some one to come home, but I wanted to know a bit more about the history behind the Yellow Ribbon.

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